This is a very common question I get, even when I have been working with someone for a long period of time. And in all honesty, it is one of the hardest questions to answer. I’d love to say that you really don’t need a reason to go to therapy, but that’s not the case. I think at times problems are transformed into greater issues, which results in us feeling inadequate or unable to handle what was once something pretty manageable.

Does this episode answer the question when to get help? Well, it does and doesn’t. One thing I want you to get out of this episode is that it isn’t about finding the right help, but more so finding the appropriate help.

Here are some great resources for answering this question as well:

Thanks for checking out my podcast. Give Episode 1 a sample so you can get to know me more. I’m still working on the recording and editing side of this so any feedback or advice would be great. Also, this website is the only place you find my podcast at the moment. I’m working on art work and designs so I can submit to iTunes. That should be coming soon. Until then, have a great rest of December and I’ll see you in the New Year.

Listen to the show to hear what episode 3 will be about!

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Wow everyone, this is it! Welcome to the Chubby Therapy Podcast. I am your host Rene Garcia, and I must say that I am very pumped about this whole world I’m entering into. The idea of starting a podcast has been on my mind for a very long time, therefore I am trying my best to not just abandon it there in obscurity as I do with my other half finished projects.

I want this podcast to be a guide to a toned down, simplistic view of psychology, therapy, and counseling. I also want to hear from you, the listeners on how the show can be helpful for you. I have a number of colleagues that have expressed a desire to sit in for interviews so hopefully we’ll get to answer some questions you already have.


Please share this site with friends and anyone else you feel may benefit. I’ll be adding and editing media the next few weeks so go easy on the looks of things but please enjoy this first show! I appreciate any and all feedback. You can reach me at RG

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