Sometimes you meet people who you instantly want to know more about. Author, editor, and writing coach Linda Jones fits into that category unequivocally. She’s known as the Writing Doula and the work she does in that role is fueled by amazing life experiences. For those looking in the power of creativity in growth, you’ll love this episode. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.

The Writing Doula Website

Nappy Hair Affair

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When this show was being developed, David Hanna was on the short list of guests I eventually wanted to interview. He gave me my first official mental health job and really set the standard of mentorship and supervision in my professional career. His story into recovery is amazing but his work and passion in the recovery community is even more astounding. Like, share, subscribe, and as always #FeedYourMentalHealth.

Positive Recovery

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Trauma is one of my most requested topics to discuss so I called in the big guns with today’s guest Ashley Cook-Rovira LMFT LPC LCDC. She’s an old colleague who got my attention wth her direct and empowering methods in addressing trauma and clients struggling to go deeper. She candidly shares her own personal experience with trauma, and despite this heavy topic I guarantee you’ll laugh. Like, share, subscribe and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.

Ashley’s Practice

Ashley’s Psychology Today Profile

Ashley’s Episode on the Too Posh Podcast

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